On the economic axis we work through three paths:

Price: Guaranteeing the producer the best base market price is one of the main public goods and services of the FNC, but helping it to scale up in the value chain so that it obtains a better price is essential, which we achieve with: – Positioning and differentiation of special coffees in niche markets. – Development of mechanisms that help reduce negative price volatility.

Productivity: We want the coffee grower to cultivate the new varieties developed by Cenicafé and adopt the best agricultural practices through the “More agronomy, more productivity” program.

Cost reduction: Production: Taking into account its effects on the net income of the coffee grower, we help you achieve an efficient management of the farm and put at your disposal new collection technologies. Logistics in marketing: In this way we can transfer a better price to the coffee grower and increase the competitiveness of Colombian coffee.